Disaster Recovery Solutions

Technology is great. We’re working faster and smarter and more mobile than ever before. So what happens when things don’t go so right?

Let’s say you lose a file, lose a server or even worse you lose your entire head office!

How confident are you that you can recover that important file or that server to a known consistent state if you can recover it at all? How would your business operate if your head office was not useable? These questions are easily answered by Armada's Disaster Recovery Solutions clients "see our Case Studies page to see how Armada Solutions responded to the QLD Floods for BUSS(Q)".

At Armada Solutions we’ve seen the best and worse of Disaster Recovery scenarios which is why we can help you. Our team of engineers has had extensive experience working with some of Australia's largest companies and can leverage this knowledge to ensure the right disaster recovery solution to fit your business needs.

Our Disaster Recovery Solutions offer the ‘best-of-breed’ backup and recovery technologies from the world’s leading brands. We offer solutions in emerging technologies, enabling our clients to backup and restore any system, from anywhere to almost any device using our own Tier 1 Disaster Recovery Centre in Sydney.

Perhaps you have APRA or other regulatory responsibilities, or you are just concerned about the ability of your business to function in a real disaster, we have experts on hand who can prepare a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan for your business and offer advice on scenarios including Flood, Fire, Building Lockout, Extended Power Outages, Total Loss of Your Site, Bomb Threat, Pandemic and many more scenarios.

We can tailor a Hot, Warm or Cold DR Solution for your business depending on requirements and we can also provide you with temporary business accommodation including desks, conference room facility, phones and pcs at our dedicated DR Centre in Sydney so you know you have a real backup location for your business.

We currently provide this service for many clients, we provide an annual test of the Disaster Recovery Solution with each client to ensure it stays current and we provide a written report on test outcomes.

A Disaster Recovery Plan can sometimes be overlooked by a business, however trying to recover from a disaster after the disaster has happened is generally quite difficult if no forward planning has been put in place. As Benjamin Franklin said, By Failing to Prepare, you are Preparing to Fail. So let us work with you to tailor a Disaster Recovery Solution for your business to ensure you have a tried and tested approach to any unforseen issues.  

Call Armada Solutions today on 1300 665 552 and ask to speak to one of our Disaster Recovery Solutions experts to see how we can give your business technological peace of mind.