Cloud Solutions

Gartner analysts predict that over 50% of enterprises will be engaged in a hybrid cloud solution by 2017. However many organisations are unsure about how to transition services and infrastructure to the cloud with the myriad of alternative offerings available.

There are a number of key criteria to consider and evaluate:

  • Public, Private or Hybrid - which solution is the right fit?
  • Vendor Selection
  • Performance
  • Network & Infrastructure Requirements
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery of Cloud Data Services
  • Integration with On-Premise Applications and Infrastructure
  • Solution Architecture

Using Armada Cloud Solutions to plan your transition to the cloud ensures that the traps and pitfalls associated with cloud adoption are marginalised and mitigated. We provide independent advice because we work impartially with a range of vendors, and you benefit from our experience and track record in helping other organisations transition to the cloud.

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