Deliver with Care - Windows SOE

Deliver with Care - Windows SOE With the advent of Microsoft's flagship Windows Products, demand was unprecedented to deliver the Operating System to customers who had bypassed previous versions of the Operating System.

Armada Solutions worked closely with the team at CARE to develop and test a SOE (Standard Operating Environment) based on Windows then roll this out to the entire team at CARE across all of their sites.

CARE Super is a well know household name in Australia, a leading Industry Super Fund and has stringent government rules and regulations to adhere to. The SOE needed to be secure and reliable, it needed to pass independent audit by a leading international IT auditor and needed to be delivered in a timely manner.

The project was a huge success with a well prepared and well tested SOE delivered to the enterprise.

Does your company have a well developed, secure and reliable SOE built on industry best practices? If not, perhaps you should be picking up the phone to discuss options with an expert at Armada today.