Armada keeps BUSS(Q) afloat during QLD Floods

Armada keeps BUSS(Q) afloat during QLD Floods Queensland was hit with some of the worst floods in their history.

During this time many businesses were caught unprepared and their core systems were forced offline. At that same time, Armada's Disaster Recovery services swung into action to keep BUSS(Q)'s systems online and working over this period.

BUSS(Q) had a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place with Armada Solutions that was tried and tested. Once BUSS(Q) management declared the disaster, the DR plan was put into action and BUSS(Q) core IT systems were recovered to the Armada purpose built DR centre in Sydney.

BUSS(Q) staff were able to work remotely on the private cloud technology used to deliver the DR environment and minimum disruption to the business was experienced.

When the floods were deemed to be over, the disaster was declared complete and a return to normal services was resumed.

BUSS(Q) found that when a real disaster finds you, preparation is the key.

Fortunately the management team at BUSS(Q) are an experienced team of professionals who had a well prepared and tested DR plan that ensured that even when they found their basement flooded with water, their IT systems were protected and quickly brought online by the team at Armada.