About Us

We have some of the best IT professionals in the country working for us, bringing a wealth of experience from providing IT solutions to the largest companies in Australia. We're combining big business experience with small company flexibility to give organisations a real choice when it comes to the implementation and maintenance of their technology systems.

AustraliaOriginally founded in 1998 as a boutique IT consultancy firm, Armada Solutions provided IT Infrastructure and Consulting Solutions to many leading Australian businesses. Armada continued to grow over this period of time until in 2006 we launched our Managed Solutions business offering. The Managed Services arm of the business experienced unprecedented growth over the following years and led to Armada opening their first Data and Disaster Recovery Centre in Parramatta in 2009.

Today, Armada offer a range of solutions that provide a comprehensive end-to-end service for our clients. Please visit our Services page for a full range of services provided by Armada Solutions.

Armada Solutions is an Australian owned and operated company.

Armada Solutions encourage and provide guidance on e-waste recycling for disposal of IT assets that are no longer in use. We support the Australian economy by using local distributors and suppliers where possible and we employ dedicated professionals throughout the country.

The name Armada conjures up images of strength and movement especially in a military sense. In some respects the modern business landscape can resemble a battlefield at times so the name resonated with the founding members.

Today, Armada Solutions represents a name you can trust to deliver time and time again, irrespective of the conditions. We pride ourselves on our strength and flexibility to keep our client's systems afloat and moving forward so they can concentrate on their core business - letting the technology work for them and not against them.

At Armada Solutions you'll find that we are customer focussed and driven, so we know we'll be the right fit for your company. We look forward to working with you soon.